If you have a business website, then this contract is for you! If you don’t have any terms and condtions on your website, then anything goes and you may put your business at risk because there’s no proof or understanding of what is expected of users or visitors of your website.  A terms of use (or terms of service) agreement is a contract where visitors are informed of the terms that they are agreeing to by using your website.  This 5-page customizable template will:

  • prevent abuses of your website
  • spell out the terms to use your website
  • include disclaimers to limit your liability
  • establish any sale or return policies
  • protect your intellectual property rights 
  • And more...

Website Terms of Use Template

  • This contract is drafted by an award-winning attorney, written in easy-to-understand terms, and includes pertinent legal protections without the complex legalese. 

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