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Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Attorney: Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law covers trademark law, copyright law, trade secrets law, and patent law.   As you see, copyright law is one of the various types of intellectual property.  A copyright attorney helps creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses protect their content and creations with copyright protection, and assists them with obtaining a copyright registration from the U.S. Copyright Office.

A copyright attorney helps to protect and enforce the rights of the creators of art, music, inventions, and designs, among other things.  A copyright attorney also helps impose restrictions on how content can be used and ensures that the copyright owner is compensated for copyright licensing, or if others copy, present, or display their intellectual property without permission.  

At Radiance IP Law, we provide copyright assistance, and help creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses protect their content.  If you're looking for a copyright attorney, contact us to learn more about our copyright services.

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